Corky Grogan was the close friend of Zephyr Jones, the inventor of a rocket that was mankind's first hope of reaching the planet Mars.

Corky accompanied Zephyr on the rocket's maiden flight. Instead of reaching Mars, an equipment malfunction forced them to land on the planet Sunev instead. There, Corky and Zephyr became the welcomed guests of the Birdmen. The spy General Roudo framed Corky and Zephyr, and they were locked up to await execution. Roudo led the evil Parrot-Men on an attack on the Birdmen's kingdom. When the Birdmen's Princess Tonka brought Zephyr and Corky their weapons, they broke out and sent the Parrot-Men fleeing. In the aftermath of the battle, Zephyr and Corky taught the Birdmen how to make guns before returning to Earth to try another launch to Mars.[1]

The second attempt to reach Mars did not go as planed either as their flight was hijacked by Regean Lexico and his daughter Tesi. He forced them to go to the star Cygni where he hoped to collect "Star Dust", a powerful replacement for radium. Learning of Lexico's noble goals, Zephyr and Corky aided him willingly. On Cygni, they were attacked by the dwarfish Cygnians, and Corky and Zephyr had to save the Lexicos from the aliens, killing many of them. Free to collect fifty pounds of the "Star Dust", Corky and his friends returned home in Zephyr's rocket.[2]

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Corky can pilot his friend Zephyr's rocket ship.



Corky sometimes arms himself with a Tommy Gun.

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