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As a member of the Press Gang, Pipeline was exempt from the mutate process that his fellow mutants were subjected to, and served his country faithfully.[1] His talents for digital teleportation were frequently used by the Magistrates, especially when invading foreign lands.[2]

After the fall of the Genoshan government, Pipeline originally continued to serve the mostly human Magistrate faction.[3]

After the revelation that the Sugar Man was behind the mutate process, however, Pipeline agreed to work with the rebels to bring peace to Genosha. Later, when Magneto was ceded control of the island by the U.N., Pipeline was invited to stay and help his new ruler consolidate his power. So far he has stayed put, although he doesn't like Magnus much. However, Pipeline did oppose Magneto's attempt to gain control of Carrion Cove, so whether Magneto has thrown him out as a result is unknown. In addition, it is unknown at the moment whether Pipeline was on Genosha when it was destroyed.

As a result of the Scarlet Witch's actions in the "House of M" crossover, nearly all of the mutants in the entire world have been stripped of their mutant abilities, including Pipeline.



None, Pipeline is a depowered mutant.



Digital Transmission.

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