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The Cormorant was a powerful alien who scoured the Earth on behalf of the Helmsman in search of a mysterious artifact. His quest saw him attack some of the most secure locations around the planet, raiding stealth-shielded lockboxes. One of the lockboxes was in possession of Doctor Doom, for which the Cormorant attacked the Latverian Embassy in New York City. When he got to Doom's lockbox, Doom detonated. The fact that the item inside was destructible made the Helmsman deduce it wasn't the item they were looking for, and he had the Cormorant continue his search.

The alien's next target was the Baxter Building, which he destroyed in the search for the lockbox secured under the building by Mister Fantastic. The Cormorant swatted away the combined efforts of the Fantastic Four, Doctor Doom, Victorious and Fantastix, even managing to withstand the last of Powerhouse's godly power. The Cormorant managed to unearth Richards' lockbox, Container Zero, and cracked it open despite Mister Fantastic's pleas not to, unleashing the Zero Force. However, since that wasn't what he was looking for, the Cormorant flew away.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Virtual Omnipotence: The Cormorant is an extraordinarily powerful creature. All of Powerhouse's remaining god-like power merely knocked him back with no visible or lasting damage. According to Reed, the Cormorant's strength breaks all known laws of physics: He was able to move the Container Zero which should be impossible because the container was a fixed point of space and therefore was supposed to be immovable. Even the Zero Force, which can destroy the universe, failed to interest him.[1]

Flight: The Cormorant can fly.[1]


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