Early life

Cornelius Shaw was an Englishman, born in 1861. At some point he married and sired two sons, Jacob and Esau. He was Brigadier General in the British Army.[2]


In 1906, Cornelius Shaw and Salome were the representatives of the Hellfire Club at San Francisco and founded (under the guise of philanthropy) the work of Nicola Bradley on a source of unlimited energy for thousands of dollars.[1]

As the Hellfire Club tried to take the invention by sending masked enforcers at their lab at Telegraph Hill, Bradley and his wife Catherine contacted Shaw to meet at their house in Mission District.[1]

They returned to the Hellfire Club to give Molyneux the news, angering him to the point he threatened to kill and replace them both, as their failure meant the rise of the Overman (Molyneux believing Nietzsche's concept to be true, thanks to his seers).[1]

Bradley eventually managed to make his battery-generator, presenting his invention only to have the Hellfire Club take it and abduct him to their mansion. There, joined by Molyneux, they explained Bradley their plan, presenting him their Sentinel.[1]

As the X-Club tried to rescue Bradley, Shaw and Salome pursued them with the Sentinel, only to have those X-Men destroy the generator and the Sentinel, seemingly killing Cornelius and Salome and causing the Great San Francisco Earthquake, Wednesday 16 April 1906.[1]

1915: Death

However, Cornelius apparently survived the events of San Francisco. He later died on 6 December 1915.[2]

Cornelius disliked to be called "Mr. Shaw", as it reminded him of his father, who was a "rotten wastrel".[1]

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