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Early Life

Cornell's mother left him in a basket at the door of local Harlem mob boss Mama Mabel because she wasn't ready to raise a child. Mamma Mabel accepted the young baby as her grandson and brought him home.

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Cornell won the nickname Cottonmouth during his time walking with Pop, a close friend and thug of Mama Mabel.

When Cornell was 14 years old he wanted to be a musician due to having abilities in the piano. One day he watched as Mamma Mabel cut the finger of an thug who was dealing with drugs. Mamma Mabel them ordered Cornell and his uncle Pistol Pete to kill the thug, much to Cornell's horror. Cornell them returned to his piano, with Mamma Mabel giving him a hug.

Later, Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes revealed to his grandmother that his uncle Pete was making a deal with the Puerto Rican mob. Angry, Mamma Mabel gave Cornell a gun, and commanded him to kill Pete. After Mariah appeared, happy with the situation, Cornell shot Pete twice.


  • Mahershala Ali portrayed Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes as a main character in the first season of Marvel's Luke Cage. Elijah Boothe portrayed a younger Cottonmouth in the episodes "Code of the Streets" and "Manifest," while Jayden D. Brown portrayed Cottonmouth at an even younger age in the season two episode "The Creator".
  • Cornell hates the alias "Cottonmouth", however, some of his own thugs called him Cottonmouth even before his death.


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