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Quote1.png My name is Cottonmouth--Cornell Cottonmouth--and if you do not release Mr. Slick immediately--I shall be forced to make you put him down--and that, I guarantee you, is something you would surely regret! Quote2.png


Early Life

Cornell Cottonmouth

Cornell "Cottonmouth" Stokes was one of New York City's leading crime bosses. His criminal enterprise controlled most of the heroin trade in the city.[2]

Luke Cage

When Willis Stryker wanted to frame Carl Lucas for drug trafficking, he stole heroin from Cottonmouth's organization.[3] One of Cage's informants, Flea, eventually discovered this information, but was killed by Cottonmouth's men.[2]

Cornell Cottonmouth

Cottonmouth then tried to recruit Cage into his organization over the objections of Mr. Slick. Cage accepted as a ploy to bring Cottonmouth to justice. To prove himself, he was sent to retrieve a shipment of heroin that had been stolen by Boss Morgan's men.[4] After having infiltrated the organization, Cage gathered enough evidence to bring them down and inform the authorities.[5]

The Rivals

Cottonmouth joined Nightshade's gang, The Rivals. He was given a section of the city to run his business. Daredevil sent a group of Hand ninja to attack him and his organization, but Luke Cage arrived, taking out the ninja and breaking Conttonmouth's teeth in the process.[6]

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Cottonmouth tracked down Cage with a group of corrupt cops, and beat him as best they could. Cottonmouth was about to take a bite from Cage's face when he was stopped by Nightshade. She told Cage that if he became her enforcer he would be spared;[7] however Iron Fist came to his rescue and knocked out Cottonmouth, though Nightshade escaped.[8]


Cottonmouth, Nightshade, and the Flashmob, tried to leave spider-infested Manhattan, but were stopped by the Heroes for Hire.[9]

All-New, All-Different Marvel

Years later, having escaped from Ryker's Island alongside Jasper Daniels, Little Ben Donovan, and Danny Rand, Cottonmouth sought refuge in Piranha Jones' club in the South Bronx. There he was recruited by Black Cat to help topple Tombstone and take over the criminal activities in Harlem.[1]

Powers and Abilities

Physical Strength

  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Cottonmouth was exceptionally strong, managing to fight Luke Cage to a stand-off.[10]



  • Golden Teeth: Cottonmouth has sharpened, gold-capped teeth.[7]

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