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Coronar was the homeworld of a humanoid race with the inherent ability to ionize matter through a mentally-triggered biochemical process so that it is converted to plasma, which could then be manifested in various abilities (such as heat generation, heat projection, and flight).[1]

The planet was ruled by Empress Hynodia. The empress' eldest daughter, Lumina, was groomed since childhood by Coronarian royal scholars to one day inherit her mother's kingdom, but was abducted on her eighteenth birthday by the fanatical cult known as the Scions of the Azure Flame, who threatened to execute Lumina if Empress Hynodia did not cede authority to the cult's leader. Meanwhile, the Japanese superheroine Honey Lemon of Big Hero 6 inadvertently transported herself from Earth to Coronar when she took refuge from a super-villain within her Power Purse, a technological device of Honey Lemon's own creation which served as a doorway to other dimensions. On Coronar, Honey Lemon used her scientific acumen to assist Empress Hynodia's Royal Guard in rescuing Lumina from the cult. Afterward, Honey Lemon was hailed as a goddess by the grateful Coronarians, and Lumina felt honor bound to return to Earth with Honey Lemon so she could repay the soul debt she owed for saving her life.[1] Lumina traveled to Earth with Honey Lemon, where she adopted the codename "Sunpyre" and eventually joined Big Hero 6.[2]

In Lumina's absence, Empress Hynodia was eventually deposed from her throne by the Scions of the Azure Flame. She was offered political sanctuary on the Microverse planet of Ravellon, where she established a court-in-exile and plotted to regain control of Coronar from afar. Lumina returned to the Microverse to assist her mother's efforts, but learned of a plot by the King of Ravellon to wed his son, Prince Arion, to her so that Arion could be crowned King of Coronar and raise the Ravellonian fleet to seize Coronar in his name. Empress Hynodia pressured Lumina to wed Prince Arion for the good of Coronar, causing Lumina to retreat back to Earth, believing her honor was at stake.[3]

Back on Earth, Lumina reconnected with her former Big Hero 6 teammate, Ebon Samurai, who convinced her to return to the Microverse with him so they could together assist Empress Hynodia in liberating Coronar from the Scions of the Azure Flame.[4]

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