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The Corporation

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Base Of Operations
All over the United States, with head offices on the east and west coasts.


Former Members
Agent 4, Agent 6, Agent 7, Filippo Ayala, "Benedict Arnold", Benson, Blue Streak, Blue Streak, Carnation, Constrictor, Coldfire, Contract, Lyle Dekker, Duke, Ferocia, Flame, Harry, Hemlock, Grant Henderson, Kangaroo, Kickback, Kingsize, Konik, Dr. Karl Malus, Manslaughter, Simon Maris, Mister Miracle, Moonstone (Sofen), Mungo, Night Flyer, O'Connor, Ricadonna, Rocketeers, Simon, Stryke, Troubleshooter, Vamp/Animus, Veda, Veil, Tim Wender

Criminal Orgainization

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The Corporation was a nationwide criminal-political organization run like a business. It employed a large number of operatives in its schemes.

One of these schemes involved blackmailing the scientist Phillip Hart into not releasing his Zero Fluid, a new, clean form of fuel to the public, threatening to reveal that he had done dealings with the Allende government in Chile. The Corporation sought the Zero Fluid as a bargaining chip to form an alliance with Fu Manchu. When Hart refused, the Corporation had him killed. His son fled from the assassins, but was caught in an explosion and exposed to the Zero Fluid, turning him into the Jack of Hearts.[1] After his battle with the White Tiger, they tried to kidnap him from the hospital.[2][3]

One of their leaders was Filippo Ayala, the White Tiger's brother. Pretending to be a drug dealer, he returned home, claiming that he had been strapped with a bomb by the Corporation.[4] He led the White Tiger to their headquarters on the ship El Tigre, where he was ambushed by the Corporation's mercenary soldiers. After the fight, Filippo found the other leaders of their branch having killed themselves after seeing a message from Fu Manchu who expressed no interest in an alliance with them. Filippo then exploded the bomb he was still strapped to and destroyed their headquarters.[5]



Other Members

Harry (Corporation) (Earth-616)

Harry (Corporation) (Earth-616) from Incredible Hulk Vol 1 233 0001


Harry was an agent of the Corporation by order of Curtiss Jackson tried to stop the Hulk from reaching him as he fled.[6]

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