Corregidora was a member of the Children of the Vault in charge of the Anglefire project, which would have used 30 people with energy-based powers to supply their city with energy forever. When one of those people, Luz, escaped, Corregidora sent sentinels after her.

They were defeated by the X-Men. So, she sent a squad of Children after Luz, but the due some trickery on Luz's part, a normal human under a shaped-light veil was captured instead. Without Luz's energy in the Angelfire machine, it became unbalanced and self-destructed.


She is also fluent in both English and Spanish


Small knife

  • "Corregidora" is her title, not her name. It means "wife of magistrate."
  • Corregidora operates the House of Corrections for the Children of the Vault.
    • Due to her the head or "magistrate" of her people's law institute she is seemingly in charge of their police force and court. Using her power over the Children of the Vault's law enforcement she had police squardron of Children and Sentinels at her command which she didn't hesitate to use. Notably using them against Luz, who escaped the Vault.

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