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Cortex Inc. is an enterprise which in less than two years became an industry giant from being an unknown start-up. Their strategy is to create products and brands which infect the public consciousness in order to slowly control society.

When the powerful material Phlogistone was found in the Moon, Cortex stablished a headquarters in Tranquility Gulch, the human colony in Earth's satellite, under the direction of C. Anderson Sixty.[1] Believing they needed to be stopped, Iron Man created a distraction during the launch party of one of Cortex's newest products in order to accesses to their databank and steal their data, rendering the production for their newest Phlogistone-powered glasses unable to continue.[2]

Stark later revealed Anderson Sixty's true nature to the press in order to discredit Cortex by having allied with A.I.M.. With his life ruined, Colin tried to kill Stark with a laser cutter, using his martial arts training, Stark disposed of Colin's weapon and maimed his hand in a tank of liquid nitrogen.[3]

When their CEO was replaced by an impostor from an alternate dimension, Cortex became the mask for Beyond Corporation.[4]

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