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Corvus Glaive (Earth-616) from New Avengers Vol 3 8 001

Corvus wields a glaive so sharp that it is capable of splitting atoms, meaning it can cut through virtually anything including the thick hide of the Hulk or the skin of Hyperion.[1]

If the blade remained unbroken, it allowed Corvus to be resurrected from any type of affliction even from being atomized.[2]

Alternate Reality Versions

Marvel Cinematic Universe (Earth-199999)[]

In Earth-199999; Corvus Glaive's glaive appears to wield a similar cutting power as its Earth-616 equivalent, as shown when it easily shears through Vision's organic-vibranium skin, also disabling his phasing.[3] However, the glaive appears not to hold the same properties of resurrection as it did on Earth-616, as when Vision later stabs Corvus in the back with his namesake weapon, Corvus is killed, even though the blade of the glaive is completely intact.[3]

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