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The Mafia was a criminal organization that emerged in Sicily. It consisted of various independent criminal families, all of them Italian. Originally the Mafia had its hands in everything until RICO started cutting its way through the organization, along with the Punisher. Cosa Nostra lost control of their cities and became just another gang, fighting for turf. It was an organization with branches in both Italy and the United States.[1][6] It used to have a "Commission" which the families had to go to for authorization to carry out hits against members of other Mafia families.[7]

Of all the organized crime groups operating in the United States, it's "La Cosa Nostra" which has been attacked most often and effectively by the Punisher. It has also been the most conservative of the major organized criminal societies, none of the factions possessed cutting-edge technology comparable to that of Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D., unlike the Triads (e.g. the Si-Fan and Inner Demons), the Maggia (e.g. the Nefaria Family), or the Yakuza (e.g. the Shogun Reapers). Nor were any Mafia families known for having super-powered members or teams of super-powered operatives, unlike the aforementioned groups. They have not had ninja clans at their disposal unlike some factions of the Yakuza (e.g. the Yashida and Yamaguchi-gumi) and to a lesser degree the Triads (e.g the Si-Fan) and the Cartels (e.g. Tarantula's Organization). Nor have any of the Mafia families possessed paramilitary armies equipped with military combat vehicles and artillery, unlike the Cartels and to a lesser degree the Molina (e.g. the Solntsevskaya Bratva).

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communications satellite,[8]


small-bore single-barrel cannon (on boat),[10] anti-tank rocket,[4] man-portable heat-seeking missile,[11] and firearms (handguns, shotguns, assault rifles, etc)


ship with helicopter landing pad,[9], gunboat (with a cannon),[10]


In the Marvel Universe, both the Maggia (Marvel's analog of the Mafia) and the Mafia (Cosa Nostra) exist. The Maggia appeared first, and later the Mafia appeared. Cosa Nostra has appeared mostly in the Punisher comics, and sometimes in Daredevil and Spider-Man comics.


  • The real American Mafia no longer dominates organized crime in the United States. Outside of the northeast (mainly NY City) and in Chicago (mostly the suburbs) where the Mafia is still strong, the criminal underworld is dominated by other groups and in many major cities the American Mafia no longer have a presence.[12][13][14][15]

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