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The Cosmic Avengers were formed by Loki to stop Gamora from destroying the universe. He specifically picked members he deemed uniquely suited to wield a Infinity Stone. After first recruiting Emma Frost, Loki then recruited Ms. Marvel and Kang the Conqueror and later Ant-Man and the Hulk. Loki tried to recruit Adam Warlock, but he insisted that they stay in the Soul Stone and fight Devondra who was responsible for corrupting Soul World. So, Emma used telepathy to call for various heroes to help Adam.[2]

The Cosmic Avengers later found duplicates of the Infinity Stones unintentionally created by Gamora when she created Warp World in the possession of a young version of Gamora. Using their set of Infinity Stones, the Cosmic Avengers left Soul World and confronted Gamora at the Quarry of Creation. They managed to defeat Gamora by taking the Infinity Stones from her, but Loki used his sorcery to take Gamora's set of Infinity Stones and used them to wipe out the Avengers' Infinity Stones, banish Gamora to Soul World, and enter the realm below the Quarry of Creation to learn why was he always destined to lose.[3]

After finding the answer he sought, Loki gave the Infinity Stones back to the Cosmic Avengers. The Avengers then reentered Soul World and rejoined with Adam Warlock. After Hulk used the Space Stone to defeat Devondra, the Cosmic Avengers used the Infinity Stones to restore the universe as well as ensure Warp World remained in existence. They then escaped Soul World with Gamora, Star-Lord, Rocket Raccoon, Groot, and alternate reality versions of Moondragon and Captain Marvel while Drax the Destroyer stayed behind to keep the portal opened. After landing in Egypt, Adam Warlock decided to send Gamora someplace where she could redeem herself and then gave the Infinity Stones sentience so they could determine their own fates so no one else could fight over their power.[4]




  • The team is only referred to as the "Cosmic Avengers" in an editorial sense. They actually never give themselves an official name in-universe.[1]

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