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The Cosmic Messiah was created using Psychic Clay molded by Phillip Masters and then imbued with stolen cosmic energy from the Silver Surfer.[1] The man who had him created, Alexei Ganger, was part of a cult who worshipped the Silver Surfer as a messiah and initiated his construction when the Surfer refused to step into the role they had assigned him. The Cosmic Messiah was then created to serve as the groups answer to the messiah they craved. His creators had him programmed with knowledge of the history of humanity and hoped that Alicia Masters would help to grow the spark of humanity within him. Before this could happen he decided that the only way to redeem humanity was to reduce them all to energy so that they could leave in true peace as pure souls devoid of individuality or form. The Messiah fought with the Silver Surfer and The Thing, reducing both to energy, before Alicia Masters was able to talk him down and explain to him that reducing humanity as he did was essentially the same as destroying it. The Cosmic Messiah then reconstituted all those he had reduced to energy and left the Earth to seek his true destiny.[2]



Possessed the Power Cosmic and seemingly the powers of Silver Surfer although possibly to a greater level as the Surfer was unable to harm him and the Cosmic Messiah was able to reduce the Surfer to energy with ease.[2]

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