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Quote1.png We came here because I need to find out if I'm the last of my people... if I'm alone. Quote2.png

Appearing in "Jack of Hearts and Ganymede"

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Synopsis for "Jack of Hearts and Ganymede"

Ganymede travels with Jack of Hearts to a moon of Jupiter with a hidden subterranean complex similar to that of Titan. In her original time, the base was a training ground for the Spinsterhood and Ganymede seeks an answer to the slim hope that if a trace of her people still exists, it would be there. Unfortunately, they find only decayed ruins and failed cryonic chambers filled with corpses. Before Ganymede even has a moment to grieve, they're ambushed by Thanos and Terrax, who have tracked them there to gain Ganymede's knowledge of Tyrant. With no intention of asking nicely, Thanos and Terrax attack to beat their quarry into submission. Ganymede nearly wins her duel against Terrax, but once Thanos incapacitates Jack, he gets the drop on her as well, chastising Terrax for failing to handle her on his own. Thanos and Terrax leave with Ganymede captive, abandoning the unconscious Jack, who can only murmur about finding help as he slowly comes to.


  • Cover logos by Ken Bruzenak and Ken Lopez.
  • Jack of Hearts falls in love with Ganymede, but she's reluctant because of her being one of the Spinsterhood.
  • Thanos destroys the ship that Ganymede and Jack arrive in. Jack escapes to Titan in the next issue on his own power.
  • While the Jovian moon this issue takes place on isn't specified, literary contrivance suggests it may have been intended to be Ganymede.

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