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  • Nitro (Main story and recap)

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Synopsis for "Legacy"

Legacy finds out that Nitro's first battle with Captain Marvel is what led to Mar-Vell contracting cancer and dying. He becomes instantly consumed with the need to avenge is father, despite his mother and Eros advising him to not needlessly put himself at risk. Legacy tracks Nitro to the fallen world of Hala to confront his father's killer. After a bloody battle that ends up crashing into a Kree war museum, Legacy is about to kill Nitro when he sees a display in the museum dedicated to his father with the quote: "Defeat your enemy, do not become your enemy." This finally convinces him to calm down and simply arrest Nitro, taking him back to custody on Titan.

Back on Titan, Jack of Hearts has arrived seeking help in rescuing Ganymede from Thanos. Legacy volunteers to accompany Jack on the mission.


  • Cover logo by Susan Crespi.
  • Legacy watches a hologram of the battle between Nitro and Mar-Vell from Captain Marvel #34. For some reason Rick Jones' voice and his dialogue with Mar-Vell are on the hologram as well despite the conversation occuring psychically, raising questions about how the hologram was recorded.
  • Compound 13 is the nerve gas which ultimately lead to Mar-Vell getting cancer and dying.
  • Legacy met Nitro in Secret Defenders #14 when he and the Silver Surfer rescued Nitro's team from being stranded in deep space. At the time, Nitro realized Legacy was Mar-Vell's son, but kept it to himself, finding amusement in shaking the hand of the oblivious son of his first enemy.
  • Hala is in a devastated state following the events of Operation Galactic Storm.
  • Nitro was arrested by the Eternals on Titan. How he ever got out of their prison and back to Earth is not known. He next appeared in Heroes for Hire #2.

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