Quote1 Release me! Release me and I will destroy you!! Quote2
-- Morg

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Tyrant has been draining the Power Cosmic from his captive Morg for some time, but remains frustrated that Morg remains loyal to Galactus despite Morg's lifelong commitment to serving the most powerful, and Tyrant insists that he's stronger than Galactus. Aboard the Demeter, Ganymede is likewise defiant against Thanos' threats until she learns that his objective is to defeat Tyrant, at which point she joins him willingly if only she gets the privilege of delivering the killing blow herself. Ganymede claims Tyrant has no weakness to exploit, but she can at least get them into his fortress undetected. Nonetheless, they're detected immediately and just fight through Tyrant's defenses with brute force.

Tyrant, determined to have Morg serve him one way or the other, returns some of the Power Cosmic to the herald and equips him with a mind-control device before sending him to fight the intruders. Ganymede and Thanos keep Morg at bay until Terrax has a chance to meet his rival in a duel which ends when Terrax destroys the mind-control device. Despite their ongoing grudge, Morg is more concerned with using his regained freedom to return to his true master than continuing their fight. Morg leaves just as Legacy and Jack of Hearts arrive. Jack is mortified to find that the woman he came to rescue has joined up with her captor, but is tentatively persuaded to put their differences aside as Tyrant arrives for the final confrontation.


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