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Quote1 And you think to defeat me? You cannot hope to even harm me... Quote2

Appearing in "Tyrant"

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Synopsis for "Tyrant"

Thanos slips away from the battle with Tyrant to infiltrate the fortress' computer system, learning Tyrant's secrets and the location of his power storage. While Thanos snoops around undeterred, Tyrant fights and defeats Legacy, Jack of Hearts, and Terrax, until only Ganymede is left standing, confident that she can still find a way to defeat Tyrant as the Spinsterhood once did. Just as she proclaims this, Thanos returns to spoil her illusions by revealing Tyrant's origin as a creation of Galactus that rebelled and lost much of his power in challenging the world-eater. Swatting Ganymede aside, Thanos challenges Tyrant to a duel, brandishing the power containment orb he stole as a prize. While Thanos and Tyrant's fight rocks the fortress to its foundations, Legacy and Terrax recover enough to take the unconscious Ganymede and Jack of Hearts back to the Demeter to escape since it's been revealed Thanos manipulated them and his promises are forfeit. The fight continues to a standstill, though it seems Tyrant's endurance would eventually outlast Thanos'. Thanos decides it's enough to stand toe to toe with Tyrant while getting away with the power containment orb. He teleports back to his retreat to analyse the orb confident that he succeeded in humbling Tyrant, although back at his fortress, Tyrant walks into a hidden chamber to reveal that the orb Thanos got away with was just one tiny sample of a countless hoard. Tyrant laughs as he basks in his accumulated power.


  • Cover logo by Ken Bruzenak.

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