Quote1.png Cosmo is comink to do his duty as Knowhere Chief of Security. Puttink end to Ronan and Chitauris. They are beink bad boys. Severe breachink of proper conducts. Quote2.png


Cosmo was Knowhere Chief of Security, he came to the Avengers Academy to stop Ronan and the Chitauri as part of his responsibilities.

Cosmo traveled alongside some of the Avengers Academy students to Earth-8311 to help Spider-Ham defeat the Swinester Six.

Cosmo was later captured by Ayesha on her way to attack the Avengers Academy, he was freed by the Guardians of the Galaxy, and joined the Academy heroes in their efforts to defeat Ayesha's forces.[1]

Powers and Abilities


Seemingly those of Cosmo of Earth-616.


  • Cosmo was an non playable character in the first Guardians of the Galaxy event, he later became player in the second Guardians of the Galaxy event in April 2017

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