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Flag of Costa Verde from Marvel Atlas Vol 1 2 001

Flag of Costa Verde

Costa Verde, officially Republic of Costa Verde is a country located in Central America. It is bordered by Terra Verde to the North, Mexico to the east, the Pacific Ocean to the west and Costa Perdita to the south.[1]


Modern Age[]

Contacted by conspirators Carlos and Valdez, the Living Laser came here to overthrow Costa Verde's dictatorial regime, until he was defeated by the Avengers. The remnants of the national army arrested the rebels and claimed control of the government in the name of a democratic republic and free elections.[2]

The resulting peaceful government was then menaced by rebels led by El Lobo and the Gypsy. Once Firelord reportedly allied with the revolutionaries, Thor and Jane Foster came to Costa Verde to support the democratic government, but the God of Thunder eventually fell under the Gypsy's spell like Firelord.[3] Once they were both freed from her spell, Thor and Firelord easily captured El Lobo's forces and delivered them to President Elmirez's forces.[4]



  • Costa Verde is a fictional country.

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