Cotton Mather was a witch-Hunter of Salem, Massachusetts in the 17th century who had been given access to mystical power by the Dark Rider.[1] He traveled to the future, captured the Scarlet Witch and returned her to the past with him. They were pursued by Spider-Man and the Vision who prevented her execution at the hands of Salem's villagers,[2] but were captured by Mather and the villagers of Salem. He then contacted the Dark Rider, but their meeting was interrupted by Spider-Man and Vision who had escaped from prison as well as Doctor Doom who had traveled to the past as well.[1] Mather believed him to be an angel, but was knocked away by a disgusted Doom.[3]

The Dark Rider captured Doom, and Mather assisted him in draining his energies. The Rider then demanded he stab the Scarlet Witch, but he was interrupted by Moondragon. After they were defeated, Mather attempted to tell the people of Salem what had happened, but everyone believed him to be insane.[4]

  • Cotton Mather was a historical figure at the center of the real-world Salem witch trials.

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