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The Coughing Killer was a Nazi spy who was active during World War II. He earned his name due to the fact that he had a persistent cough. Using poison blow darts to kill his victims, he created the illusion that his cough was lethal to those who were exposed to it.

In the fall of 1943, he was sent by his superiors to the United States to lead a network of spies in their mission to kill influential Americans in order to undermind the public's war morale. Their first target was actress Dorothy Sheridan, whom the Coughing Killer slew with one of his darts. The murder occurred at a war bond rally, which happened to have Steve Rogers and James Barnes in attendance. Without changing into Captain America and Bucky, the pair managed to capture the Coughing Killer, and his men and turn them over to the authorities.

However, the Cougher managed to escape capture, leading Captain America and Bucky to track him back to his hideout by letting one of his minions in police custody go and shadowing him. Captain America and Bucky clashed with the Cougher and his men but were knocked out. The Coughing Killer then had the pair locked in a vault to suffocate while he went to eliminate a military admiral who was christening a new battleship nearby.

Captain America and Bucky freed themselves and tracked the Coughing Killer down. During the fight in the dockyard, the Cougher attempted to flee by climbing onto a crane. Followed by Captain America, the Cougher was trapped on the crane's hook, and when Bucky ordered the operator to whip the crane around, the Cougher was thrown from the cable and fell to his death.[1]

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The Coughing Killer had a chronic cough, the full extent of this health issue is unknown.



The Cougher put miniature blow darts coated with a lethal poison in his mouth. Whenever he coughed, he fired the blow darts at his intended victims.

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