Information-silk Official Team Name
Council of Cross-Time Kangs
Information-silk Team Aliases
Cross-Time Kang Korps
Information-silk Status
Information-silk Identity
Information-silk Universe
Information-silk Base of Operations
Kang-Krossroads, Limbo
Information-silk Team Leader(s)
Information-silk Former Members
Fred Kang of Earth-123488.23497, Kang of Earth-8096, Cobra, Kong, Kang of Earth-TRN396, Kang of Earth-TRN397, Kang of Earth Mesozoic-24, Kang-Nebula, Kaseo, Raulex, Swaach, Kang-Ransom[1], A Baby Kang[2]
Information-silk Place of Formation
Kang-Krossroads, Limbo
Information-silk Place of Defunction
Kang-Krossroads, Limbo


The Council of Cross-Time Kangs was a group of several Humans, aliens and other creatures who took the guise of Kang the Conqueror after defeating the various robots used by the Prime Kang to rule multiple realities at the same time.[3][4]

The entire organization was wiped out from existence by the temporal monster Alioth, who was under the control of the true Kang.[5]

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