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Not to be confused with the Council of Kangs.


Council of Cross-Time Kangs (Multiverse) from Avengers Vol 1 292 001

The Council of Cross-Time Kangs was a group of several humans, aliens, and other creatures who took the guise of Kang the Conqueror after defeating the various robots used by the Prime Kang to rule multiple realities at the same time.[4][5]

Following the eradication of the Council of Kangs, in which the Prime Kang was the only survivor,[6] he created a divergent self to split the madness given to him by Immortus[4] and was recruited into the Council of Cross-Time Kangs by a female Kang named "Nebula,"[7] secretly Ravona Renslayer who had infiltrated the Council of Cross-Time Kangs to destroy it.[5] All of them had picked their own names to avoid confusion, so Kang picked "Fred."[8]

One of the main purposes of the Council of Cross-Time Kangs was to retrieve "the most powerful known weapon in all the Omniverse," which was contained inside a Time Bubble and created by a renegade Celestial. The Council had failed to penetrate the Time Bubble many times. Eventually they found out that an Avengers team, or so they thought, was going to penetrate the bubble. The "Nebula" Kang betrayed the Council and manipulated the current Avengers team to enter the bubble, but they were ultimately unsuccessful.[9] Later, the Fantastic Four entered the bubble and the Council of Cross-Time Kangs followed, but were defeated and the Time Bubble was destroyed.[10]

The entire organization was wiped out from existence by the temporal monster Alioth, who was under the control of the true Kang.[11]


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