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Quote1 I soon discovered that my adventures had triggered an abundance of divergent realities, many of which held copies of myself... [They worry me] [b]ecause they're such idiots--and they're diverging more idiots! I must put an end to this before the name of Kang becomes synoymous with "fool!" Limbo itself provided a solution. The lesser Kangs could be exerminated within this timeless realm without producing more divergent doubles! Observation revealed that two 'brothers' were too clever to be easily eliminated. So I enlisted them into a Council of Time, letting them think they were part of my plan...when they were actually little more than stooges! Quote2
"Prime" Kang[src]


Council of Kangs (Multiverse) from Avengers Vol 1 267 001

The original Council

The Council of Kangs was a trio of divergent Kangs led by the "Prime" Kang (identified by his cape), who thought that his other divergent selves were incredibly incompetent. After finding Limbo seemingly vacant, he took it over and began killing the other Kangs, most of whom die in their own failing schemes anyway. Two of the other Kangs were above the rest, so he recruited them to join his cause, forming a council. When the other Kangs had been dealt with, the Prime Kang then betrayed and killed the two Kang council members. As each Kang had their own temporal empires, he had planned to replace them with robots so the Prime Kang would rule them all. However, in the end, it was revealed that Kang was manipulated by Immortus, the actual ruler of Limbo and Kang's future self, into eliminating all divergent Kangs in the Multiverse. Immortus had contained the memories of all the slain Kangs inside an orb, which were transferred to the Prime Kang when he grabbed it.[3]

The Council of Kangs was eventually recreated as part of the Kang Collective. During the eighty-ninth gathering of the Kangs at the Transtemporal Hub-World, they exiled Kangaroo the Conqueror for finding him an affront to all Kang kind.[2]



  • It is implied by the Council of Cross-Time Kangs that there had been several iterations of the Council of Kangs, but they usually wiped each other out. Survivors of "local" council wars were rare and those who did survive got recruited into the Council of Cross-Time Kangs, which was a bigger organization.[5]

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