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formerly Fu Manchu
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The Council of Seven are the Si-Fan's elite warriors, who are also in charge of overseeing the Si-Fan's international operations. On Shang-Chi's birthday, Fu Manchu sent them to assassinate his son. The first two dispatched were defeated by Shang-Chi and rather than face Fu Manchu, they committed suicide by poison capsule. The next two assassins dispatched also failed, and both likewise committed suicide.

Afterwards Shang-Chi infiltrated their NY base, encountered two Council members whom he knocked out. Wearing their robe, he entered the meeting room where he confronted his father and defeated the other 5 Council members.[1] A little over half a year later during a briefing given by Fu Manchu regarding the Si-Fan civil war, Shang-Chi appeared and once again defeated the council.[2]


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It appears the Si-Fan always have a Council of Seven. Like the Persian Immortals, defeated or killed members are replaced so that the council has seven members. Though Shang-Chi defeated the council members dispatched to kill him and they committed suicide, when he infiltrated the NY City base the council still had 7 members.

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