Count Crankshaft was an inventor in Inkandessa 3 whose species had used up and left uninhabitable the previous two planets they called their homeworlds, Inkandessa 1 and 2. With Inkandessa 3 approaching a similar fate, Count Cranskhaft set out to find a way to change the way of his people and minimize their impact on the ecosystem.

To this end, he created the Great Machine, a powerful photonic matrix which could generate constructs of solid light. Using Holo-Pods, 99% of the inhabitants of Inkandessa 3 copied and stored their essence, so the Great Machine could reconstitute them on Inkandessa 4 as Light-Forms, sentient holograms that did not need to eat of excrete waste, for which they had no impact on the ecosystem. The Light-Forms went on to have a continued existence that spanned for centuries.[1]

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