Count Varron was born in the country of Bosnia prior to it's absorption into the kingdom of Yugoslavia in 1918. He became a notorious pirate and expatriated from his country. He sought citizenship in Russia, Turkey, and Germany and was denied.

In 1950 he and his pirates were rocked when an earthquake along the Pacific caused a land mass to rise out of the ocean from underneath them. Stranded on this new island, Varron sought to claim it as his own under international laws regarding the rights of exploration. He then radioed the powers of the world claiming his ownership of the island, dubbing it Varronland. He and his men then began exploring the island but were interrupted by the arrival of the Uranian hero known as Marvel Boy. They instantly attacked the hero, but he fought them off and decided to leave to explore the island elsewhere.

Varron and his men followed and spotted Marvel Boy communicating with the so-called Fish People, the indigenous population of the island. Seeing this as a threat to his ownership of the island, Varron and his men attacked the Fish People, forcing them to flee. Marvel Boy fought them off again, but Varron took one of the Fish People hostage to negotiate his escape. Count Varron and his men then plotted to blow up the Fish People with TNT, but the resulting explosion instead caused the island to sink. Varron and his men drowned.[1]


Varron commanded his own vessel.


Varron had access to machine guns and explosives.

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