Count Vicaro (Earth-616) from Marvel Mystery Comics Vol 1 35 002

Count Vicaro in human form

Count Vicaro ruled over an undisclosed kingdom over 400 years ago. Sometime prior to his supposed death, he was transformed into a Vampire. However, until the fall of 1942, his activities were mostly unknown. He got to capturing victims whom he carried back to his castle. There, he would feed on them until he had drained them dry.

His activities during the 1940s attracted the attention of the Angel who came to the village that he terrorized. Saving the life of an old man being attacked by Vicaro, the Angel was knocked out and taken as the vampires next victim instead. The Angel revived before Vicaro could shackle him, and the hero fought the creature until it fled. Freeing his slaves, the Angel located Vicaro's coffin and prevented the vampire from getting into it before the dawn. As the sun began to rise, its rays forced Vicaro to transform back to human form and die once more. The Angel then placed Vicaro's body into the coffin and set it ablaze.[1]

Vicaro has not been seen since. It is unknown if any of the recent spells that have brought previously deceased vampires back to life resurrected Vicaro or not.


Vicaro presumably has all the same abilities as Vampires. Of the abilities he portrayed he was able to transform into a half human/half bat creature with leather wings capable of flight.


Vicaro required to drink blood in order to survive. Sunlight was his only documented weakness. However, unlike most vampires who burn up in the son, Vicaro simply reverted to human form and died once more.

Vicaro displays many abilities and weaknesses that are common to Vampires on Earth-616. However, there are a number of significant differences. This may be because Vicaro may not have been a full vampire or one of the many offshoot breeds. Whatever explanations for this are entirely speculative.

Count Vicaro looks similar to Amenhotep's[1][2] vampire form.

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