Count von Blitzkrieg was a Nazi operative during World War II. Like the other recruits in ICON, he went into hiding after the war until he was contacted by the shadowy organization in the late 1950s.

ICON was able to radically increase the level of Count von Blitzkrieg's electricity-controlling power, enabling him to create a focused electromagnetic pulse which plunged the secret African nation of Wakanda into darkness. ICON then assaulted the nation in an attempt to pillage it's advanced scientific technology.[1] ICON's forces were opposed by Nick Fury's Avengers with Count von Blitzkrieg and his comrade Vunderknight both being dispatched by the Atlantean Namora.[2]

The Count's subsequent fate has yet to be revealed.


Electricity control which allows him to release electricity from his body in the form of bolts. After his powers were enhanced by ICON, he was able to direct an electromagnetic pulse large enough to short out an entire city.

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