Countess Crankshaft was one of the few meat-and-bones inhabitants of Inkandessa 4, living in a secluded community at her farm with the other few Meat-Forms. She was the overseer of the Great Machine that made possible the existence of the Light-Forms, the predominant species of the planet.

When the Silver Surfer and his companion Dawn Greenwood visited Inkandessa 4, one of its citizens notified Countess Crankshaft of that. She was subsequently delivered the body of Dawn after the Light-Forms secretly replaced with one of their own, believing it was unethical to have a "flesh-bag" in their community. Upon learning of this, the Silver Surfer and the Light-Form Dawn hurried to recover Dawn's body. The Surfer used his Power Cosmic to disrupt all holographic constructs on the planet in order to bypass the holographic shield of Crankshaft's farm, which compromised the performance of the Great Machine, forcing Countess Crankshaft and the other Meat-Forms to work hard to fix it.

Once the Surfer and the Light-Form Dawn saved the real one, Countess Crankshaft scolded them for putting at risk the existence of the Light-Forms, for which he apologized. Crankshaft later informed the Light-Form Dawn that she had to stay on the planet and relatively close to the Great Machine in order to continue existing. When the Surfer and Dawn left the planet, Countess Crankshaft was among those who waved at them as they flew away.[1]

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