Countess Kyra (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 36 002

Countess Kyra

Countess Kyra was a member of the Nazis during World War II. By 1944, she was living in New York City and targeted the city's water supply. She devised the identity of the Leopard Woman due to her love of giant cats and captured the water commissioner William Sands in order to get plans for the cities water filtration system and poison it.

She captured him at the a party being thrown by a visiting Polish diplomat who was visiting the city. Among the security detail were Steve Rogers and James Barnes who pursued the Leopard Woman as Captain America and Bucky. He followed her back to her estate where they learned her double identity by searching the basement of her estate. Unleashing her big cats, she and her Nazi minions rushed to the water treatment plant to complete their mission.

Countess Kyra (Earth-616) from Captain America Comics Vol 1 36 001

Leopard Woman's original costume

The two heroes went after her and prevented her from completing her mission. When Captain America chased her to the roof of the water treatment plant, she jumped off and disappeared. Although it appeared to be a fatal height, Captain America believed that she might have survived and that he might see her again.[1]

After the war, Leopard Woman went underground, as did many other war criminals. She was offered membership in ICON in the late 1950s, alongside many other former Nazi operatives. She was part of the strike team sent to Wakanda to pillage their advanced technology. She was defeated by the Avenger Sabretooth, though it is unknown if she survived the fight.[2] Her subsequent activities are currently unknown.




Talented gymnast with great agility and dexterity.


A large whip and razor-sharp claws.

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