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Courtney Ross came from a wealthy family and went to Thames University, London, where she met and started to date Brian Braddock, not knowing that Brian was in fact the superhero Captain Britain. She later found out about his secret life, but the two remained lovers. Captain Britain went missing shortly afterwards and Courtney assumed that he had died. When he returned, Brian fell in love with the mutant Meggan and it would be years before he would meet Courtney again.

Courtney met Brian Braddock again, when he had become a member of Excalibur. She had become a successful city banker nicknamed The Ice Queen. She now no longer dyed her hair. Brian was surprised that Courtney with blond hair looked exactly like his old acquaintance Saturnyne, her counterpart from another universe.[1] Brian and Courtney resumed their friendship, shortly before she was kidnapped by Arcade and the Crazy Gang, and subsequently rescued from Arcade's Murderworld by Excalibur.[2]

Returning home after surviving Arcade's assassination attempt, Courtney was vaporized by another counterpart from an alternate universe, Opal Lun Sat-Yr-9. Sat-Yr-9 took Courtney's civilian identity and when last seen she was still using it.[3]



Courtney Ross possesses no significant or super-enhanced powers.



  • Someone claiming to be Courtney Ross was seen in issues of Uncanny X-Men during the House of M crossover, as well as in the early issues of New Excalibur. It is not yet clear whether that is Sat-Yr-Nin or the true Courtney Ross (possibly resurrected as a side-effect of House of M) or someone else entirely.
  • Courtney's hair is naturally platinum blonde, but during her college days she dyed it reddish brown.

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