Quote1 I'm a new man. Call me Coyote. Quote2
-- Coyote src

Coyote was an expert smuggler whose creativity, smarts and greed made him perfect for a mysterious organization's plans to destroy Daredevil. The organization put Coyote, against his will, through the same procedure that created the Spot and aimed him at Daredevil. Not much is known about Coyote's past. Just that he has used the Spot's powers to drive Matt Murdock mad. He is working for an unknown individual and contributing to a human trafficking and smuggling system.


  • Teleportation: Coyote uses the Spot's powers of teleportation. He can also put a ring equipped with his warp powers to make a part of another person's body appear elsewhere, such as making it look like Daredevil has lost his head to where even his Radar Sense can detect his body is somewhere else.

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