Crane Mother was the ruler of K'un-Zi, one of the Legendary Cities of Heaven. In 1933, a meeting took place with all seven lords where she accused Iron Fist (Orson Randall) of sullying tradition because he refused to participate in the Tournament of the Heavenly Cities. In each city, an immortal weapon, such as the Iron Fist, fights for his city in the tournament. The battles in the tournament decide the order of the cities of the heavenly timeline. All council members except Lord Tuan (Yu-Ti), the leader of K'un-Lun, agreed that Randall should pay and face punishment. Randall was confronted by the Immortal Weapons, and he ended up killing the Davos, the Immortal Weapon of Ku'n-Zi. Randall eluded capture, and Crane Mother had a personal vendetta against him ever since.[1]


Many years later, she resurrected Davos and charged him with finding and assassinating the Iron Fist. Crane Mother provided Davos her Crane Daughters to assist him and granted him enhanced powers by draining their chi whenever needed. He joined forces with Hydra to help him in the hunt. Randall informed Iron Fist (Danny Rand) that she had sent assassins to kill them both. The assassins ambushed Randall and Danny. Randall gave Danny the Book of the Iron Fists and told him that he would need it for the tournament before he died. Yu-Ti and Lei-Kung came to Danny after Randall was killed, telling him of his fate to journey to the Tournament of the Heavenly Cities. Danny meditated by the Scrying Vessel of Bo-Ling (which appeared as a pond filled with lotus plants). Danny asked the Vessel where Jeryn Hogarth was and was told that he was in K'un Lun. Danny was taken to meet his opponents, which include Davos. A preliminary fight was drawn which opened the tournament. Fat Cobra entertained the gathered by defeating the 100 Shaolin Terror Priests in the exhibition match. Because he won, he was allowed to select his opponent for the first match of the tournament, and he chose to fight The Immortal Iron Fist.[2]


Chi Magic: Crane Mother can use magic by utilizing her chi.


Master Martial Artist

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