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The Crash Pad is the second headquarters for the New Warriors the first being the Ambrose Building. The Crash Pad is a waterfront warehouse in Manhattan owned by the Taylor Foundation the company that Night Thrasher inherited from his deceased parents.

Origin of the Crashpad.

The contractors who built the warehouse did not complete the job and the warehouse was half completed. This may tie into the rampant corruption of the Taylor Foundation when Andrew Chord and Tai managed it. Many years later, the New Warriors discovered that a rogue branch of Hydra had been operating out of a sealed part of the warehouse that had been protected by a heavy metal door.

Hints at the base's original purpose.

Mother of Pearl the leader of this Hydra sect claimed that the base had originally been a base intended for A.I.M.[1]

The Headquarters was later destroyed by gang members,[2] and the New Warriors move into an abandoned firehouse given to them by a firefighter named Dalton Beck. At some point, the Crash Pad was presumably repaired and the New Warriors moved back in.[3]

The true secret of the base revealed.



  • The base was designed to be an AIM base. A rogue Hydra sect lived in the tunnels beneath the Crash Pad for years without the New Warriors knowing.


  • When Nova's parents kicked him out,[4] he started living at the Crash Pad.[5]
  • The Crash Pad has a skylight where the members who fly can enter.

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