Crawler was a member of the Outlanders who took part in the battle against Boss Cage as they were able to defeat him with the help from the time-hopping Thunderbolts. Later on Crawler and his tribe were talking around a fire during the night until the Thunderbolts caught up to them after being teleported there by Man-Thing.

But after Santana mentioned the name Cage, one of the Outlanders started a brawl between the groups as he thought they were clone spies. Man-Thing was able to open a portal sending one of the Outlanders through it which made Centurius believe they didn't need the mutants anymore.

But Crawler then appeared on a nearby rock and told them that he didn't want to fight but said there was no way through the Mondo force wall because being a teleporter himself he knew firsthand since he had already tried.[1] Later on, Crawler was seen fighting against an army of bosses with his tribe after Man-Thing's powers returned to full strength which allowed them to penetrate Mondo's defenses.[2]

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