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Friends and neighbors of Simon Williams who gained powers during an accidental discharge of his powers
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When Angkor nearly beat Wonder Man to death, the Crazy Eight (who were various acquaintances of Simon) all gained powers trying to help their friend while his powers spiraled wildly out of control.

Once Simon's powers continued to fail him, the eight people briefly decided to try to stand in for him as a super team, the Crazy Eight.

Wonder Man would later re-absorb the ionic powers the team had gained, with the exception of Dreamer and Stat, who secretly kept a small amount of their abilities.

When word got around that Wonder Man had been murdered, the eight disbanded. Alex got married, Argus filmed a documentary, Aundray opened a dance studio, Ginger and LaHoya starred in a TV show filmed in New Zeland, and Gloria took over as Spider's guardian.[1]

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