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When Spider-Girl interrupted a group of masked men robbing a warehouse, the notorious criminal, Crazy Eight, came to their defense. Spider-Girl managed to evade his attacks, but the villain still forced her to flee.[1]

Crazy Eight next attempted a cargo heist of ships docked on Pier 87. Spider-Girl interfered again, but this time Crazy Eight was overconfident in his ability to beat her. After throwing most of his arsenal at Spider-Girl, he began to celebrate a premature victory, allowing Spider-Girl to sneak up behind him and knock him out cold.[1]

Spider-Girl #2

He later came up against his brother Funny Face who was working for rival crime lord Canis while Crazy Eight was working for the Kingpin.[2] He was accidentally killed in a shootout with Mister Nobody who believed him to have switched sides for his brother's sake and who had been planning on killing him.[3] After dying from multiple gunshot wounds his body was examined and he was laid to rest in a grave that noted his real name was unknown and at which Spider-Girl laid flowers as she felt responsible for his death, having pushed Spider-Man clear of gunfire which resulted in Crazy Eight being shot.[4]

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