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When the reality-warping Jim Jaspers decided that he needed friends, he used his powers to create the Crazy Gang (just as his counterpart from Earth-238 had created the original Crazy Gang). After giving the Crazy Gang life, Jaspers was murdered by the Fury, a creation of his late Earth-238 counterpart. The Crazy Gang survived the Fury and wandered off. They went on to become Britain's most inept supervillains. They subsequently placed an advertisement in a newspaper in order to find a new leader and, as a result, the Crazy Gang entered the employ of Slaymaster. Under his leadership, the gang committed a series of audacious crimes, robbing the Royal Mint, the National Gallery, and the British Museum. As Slaymaster had planned, these crimes attracted the attention of Captain Britain, who he captured. Having no further use for the Crazy Gang, Slaymaster dismissed them.

The Crazy Gang were later used by Arcade to kidnap Courtney Ross in order to lure Captain Britain and his teammates in Excalibur to Murderworld. Ross managed to fight off the Crazy Gang, but was captured by Arcade and his assistant Miss Locke. When Excalibur came to the rescue, the gang used a device created by Tweedledope to switch bodies with Excalibur - Captain Britain with Tweedledope, Meggan Puceanu with the Knave, Nightcrawler with the Jester, and Phoenix with the Executioner. Only Shadowcat escaped. Captain Britain in Tweedledope's body managed to alter the device, and Shadowcat, with Ross' help, managed to reverse the body-swap, and Excalibur defeated the Crazy Gang. Both the Crazy Gang and Arcade were apprehended after Excalibur defeated them.[1]

Later, the Crazy Gang was involved in the disappearance of the population of a small English village. When Excalibur investigated, they found the villagers, and the Crazy Gang, in a strange, Alice in Wonderland-style underground lair. As it turned out, however, the villagers had consented to accompanying the Crazy Gang, and Excalibur left them alone.[2]

Mercs for Money

After Deadpool, and the Mercs for Money stole a Rigellian Recorder, they were attacked by the Crazy Gang who tried to steal the Recorder from them, the Mercs were able to fight them off, and escaped.[3] The Crazy Gang eventually found Deadpool again at the Ozarks Kingpin HQ, who had won the Recorder at an auction conducted by the Mercs. They got into a fight with the Mercs, and Ozarks Kingpin henchmen, after Deadpool shot Tweedledope, and apparently killing him, the Crazy Gang retreated from the fight.[4]


In Britain, The Crazy Gang were a 1930's group of comedians, appearing in film and on stage.

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