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The Creature from the Black Bog is actually a peaceful explorer from another world. As he was flying through our solar system he experienced engine trouble and decided to set down on Earth to make repairs. After fixing the engine, he decided to explore the surroundings and became trapped in the black bog of the Florida Everglades. Slowly sinking, the Creature was unable to reach the vines overhead which would have allowed him to pull himself to safety.

Luckily, the Creature was spotted by an elderly couple named John and Martha who were enjoying their retirement and exploring the Everglades themselves. Though frightened by the giant Creature, John and Martha could not sit idly by and allow another living thing to perish. They got the vines that the Creature needed to escape his murky prison. After explaining how he came to be there, the Creature promised John and Martha a great reward and then took off in his ship. The Creature took John and Martha's memories of him and had sprinkled them in water from the Fountain of Youth, restoring the pair to a younger physical age so they could have their lives to enjoy all over again.[1]

The Creature from the Black Bog later resurfaced where it was among the monsters causing havoc on Earth.[2]

Powers and Abilities


The Creature from the Black Bog is over 20ft tall and seems to possess superhuman strength.


The Creature has proven capable of making repairs to his spacecraft.



At some point, the Creature must have found water from the Fountain of Youth.


He has a space ship


This story has been more or less told several times. The Creature of the Black Bog bears a striking resemblance to the stories of both Chalo and the Thing from the Hidden Swamp

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