Centuries ago, Lilith, the Mother of Demons, was imprisoned inside of the remains of the Leviathan, Tiamat. Her demonic offspring, the Lilin, were left to fend for themselves. Many of them sought to integrate themselves with humanity, but others such as Creed, instead exiled themselves from all human contact.

Creed sought to distance himself from the "old times" and took up residence inside a private temple. When Lilith escaped confinement, she had her faithful servant, Pilgrim, open a mystical portal that brought them to Creed. Angered for being disturbed, Creed flung himself at Pilgrim, but Lilith held him at bay, stating that she required Creed's service to protect her from harm. Reluctantly, he obeyed his mother. He first attempted to make an offering to Lilith by killing the villain known as Blackout. Lilith stopped him before he could finish the deed, citing that Blackout was a Lilin hybrid. She ordered all three to track down Johnny Blaze, whom she perceived as a threat to her existence.

As the eldest, Creed was in charge of the group and led a raid on the Quentin Carnival in Providence, Rhode Island. They kidnapped Blaze's son, and used him as leverage to get Johnny to surrender to them. Creed appeared apologetic, and told Blaze that he had no desire to see his family come to any harm. However, the wishes of Lilith demanded satisfaction. In the ensuing struggle, Johnny Blaze opened fire on Creed with his Hellfire Gun, blasting him to pieces. In his final moments, Creed thanked Johnny Blaze for finally bringing him peace.[1]

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Creed has the ability to separate parts of his body and command them to operate independently of his main form. He can even remove his head, while still maintaining full command of his faculties as well as motor function.

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