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The Canadian government initiated the Weapon X Project. Logan and Quinn of the RCAF were both accepted as candidates for the project, along with four other "volunteers". Few records of the procedures used survive, fragments of Professor Carter Nichols' notes do mention two scientists by name, Cornelius and Hines. Logan's latent metamutant healing power kicks in, which allowed him to survive the adamantium-crafting process. Creed survived as well, but became a remorseless killing machine, exactly what the project was hoping for. Creed's sanity did not fare as well, and he eventually went rogue. Indestructible metal known as Adamantium was bonded to Creed's skeleton and he was given claws made of the same substance. Unlike Dark Claw, however, Creed was physically deformed as a result of the experiment and went insane. Project X also triggered metamutant abilities in Creed, who became known as Hyena. Hyena, also known as the Cackling Canine, would not stop his maniacal grinning until his arch nemesis, Dark Claw, was destroyed. He has a gang called the Pack.[1]

Powers and Abilities


All the powers of both Sabretooth and Joker.


All the abilities of both Sabretooth and Joker.

Physical Strength

Like Sabretooth, probably Class 10. Able to lift in 2 - 10 ton range , however the extent of his continuously enhanced strength was never revealed.





Adamantium Skeleton


He carries explosives that he calls "frolic frags"

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