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The origins of the creature called the Creeping Death are unknown. It was imprisoned in a massive oyster shell that was located at the bottom of a lake by two fishermen in 1951. When they pried the oyster shell opened, they accidentally unleashed the Creeping Death, and it soon began consuming everything in sight and expanding in size. Soon, the military were called in to deal with the threat, but none of their weapons could harm the creature.

The Creeping Death's expansion across New York State attracted the attention of Beauty Magazine publisher Whitney Hammond who went for a closer look with his editor and lover, the Olympian love goddess Venus. By that time, experts had come to believe that the creature would consume the entire Earth within 24 hours. Venus secretly teleported to Olympus and petitioned Jupiter to help stop the menace. Jupiter summoned the help of Asgardian thunder god Thor, who traveled back to Earth with Venus. There Thor unleashed thunder on the creature, causing it to recede into nothingness, vanquishing the threat.[1]



The Creeping Death was an ever expanding creature that would gain mass from everything it consumed. It was impervious to conventional weapons such as bullets and bombs, consuming the materials they were made of. Explosions only succeeded in breaking apart the Creeping Death, these pieces would continue to consume whatever was around it and eventually rejoin the greater mass.


The Creeping Death's only apparent weakness came from thunder harness by Thor.

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