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Appearing in "Prisoner of the Slave World!"

Reprint of the 1st story from
Tales to Astonish #41

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  • Imprisoned Scientists

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Synopsis for "Prisoner of the Slave World!"

Reprint of the 1st story from
Tales to Astonish #41

Dropping in on a fellow scientist, Henry Pym finds that his colleague's door is locked. Fearing that his friend has fallen ill, he shrinks down in size and dons his Ant-Man guise and investigates. He finds his friend's lab mysteriously empty, with no trace of anybody.

Returning back home, in his civilian identity, Pym hears reports of scientists in various fields that have recently gone missing. Figuring that he may potentially be next on the list, Pym decides to be at the ready in case Ant-Man should have to spring into action.

A few days later, Pym is visited by a window washer trying to drum up extra business by offering to wash windows free for the week. Accepting the offer, he invites the window washer in. However, when he turns his back on the hired hand, Pym finds himself doused with a chemical that paralyzes him.

Transported to another dimension, Pym finds out that the window washer is working for an extra-dimensional tyrant named Kulla. Kulla has plotted to use Earth's scientists knowledge of atomic energy in order to construct a death ray to use against his enemies. Pym, realizing becoming Ant-Man is the only way to free his fellow scientists rebels and soon finds himself subdued and locked in a dungeon.

Left by himself, Pym then uses his shrinking gas and becomes Ant-Man. He soon realizes that he can command the local insect life with his helmet and decides to use them in his plan to stop Kulla.

Freeing the scientists and fending off Kulla's guards with his human sized strength, Ant-Man is doused in paralyzing fluid again. Kulla storms in, attempting to smash Ant-Man with a hammer, but while immobilized Ant-Man commands the local insects to use Kulla's own weapon against him, striking the villain dead in one shot.

Just then, the freedom fighters of Kulla's dimension storm his base and capture the guards. With the scientists free, Ant-Man returns to his cell and resumes his identity of Henry Pym until he is freed. Deciding to keep the window washer as their prisoner until he reforms, the freedom fighters send all the scientists back to their home dimension.


  • Published in the UK by Alan Class.
  • No publication dates given in comic,but the cover price indicates it was almost certainly prior to 1971 when Britain's currency was decimalized.

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  1. First and only known appearance to date besides flashbacks
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