A denizen of an alternate reality, Cretaceous Sam is an anthropomorphic tyrannosaur who dressed, spoke, and generally behaved in the manner of a stereotypical western outlaw. His world was one of many that Nightcrawler found himself briefly stranded on while hopping through a series of dimensions, where the bigoted Sam threatened to shoot him simply for being a mammal. After a brief scuffle, Nightcrawler was again drawn across dimensional barriers, leaving the saurian gunslinger behind. He has not been seen since.[1]


Cretaceous Sam presumably possessed the toughened hide and razor-sharp teeth of a dinosaur, although he preferred using the more "civilized" method of gunplay on his opponents.


He was experienced in the use of firearms.

  • Rather than Earth-5311, which Nightcrawler had already left in his sojourn back to Earth-616, Cretaceous Sam may actually have been an inhabitant of the dinosaur-dominant universe of Earth-99476.
  • His name, behavior, and style of dress suggests Cretaceous Sam was inspired by the cartoon character Yosemite Sam.

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