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The Crew are a group of heroes, bound together initially out of self-interest, who become inspired to a higher cause in defending the residents of a dangerous no-man's land called Little Mogadishu in Brooklyn.[1] Their name is an homage by that of a classic team of street level vigilantes known as The Crusade.[2]

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In the wake of the Secret Wars, Black Panther recieved a message from a Harlem community activist named Ezra Keith, on a secret Kimoyo-net channel known only to the king's inner circle. He arrived to find Ezra Keith dead, his death being investigated by Misty Knight and Ororo Munroe, and his affairs being executed by Luke Cage. The four became aware of Ezra's past with the Crusade through the investigation, and with the help of Eden Fesi, they brought a measure of justice against the perpetrators, and earned in their own sight their place as the Crusade's heirs.[3]

Following Black Panther's gathering of evidence of outside influences fueling dissent in Wakanda, T'Challa reassembled the Crew to defeat the villains[4] funding the dissent, and to then rescue Shuri, T'Challa's sister, from the Djalia. Content, they then went their separate ways.[5]


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