The man known simply as the Crime Boss was the leader of a massive criminal empire simplistically called the Crime Syndicate.

In 1949 his organization faced major opposition from the crime fighting Human Torch and his partner Toro.[1] The Crime Boss allied himself with Communist agents working in the United States who gave him a Solution X-R a chemical compound that they said could defeat the two flaming heroes. The Crime Boss used Solution X-R on the Torch and Toro dousing their flames and rendering inert. As part of their bargain with the Communists they turned Toro over to the spies and he was later brainwashed into their service. The Crime Boss and his men flew the Human Torch's inert body and buried it in Yucca Flat, Nevada,[2] and presumed the android to be dead. The Crime Boss and his empire continued their operations unmolested for the next four years.

However in 1953, a nuclear bomb test revived the Human Torch making him more powerful than ever before. With his enhanced powers, the Torch tracked down the Crime Boss to his hideout in Brooklyn. The Crime Boss once more tried to use Solution X-R on the Human Torch, but this time the Torch's flame was too powerful for the chemical spray and the Crime Boss and his minions were easily trounced. After revealing the whereabouts of Toro, the Crime Boss was then turned over to John C. Wilson who was the chief of police in New York at the time.[3][4]

The subsequent fate of the Crime Boss is unknown.


Among the various fire arms that the Crime Boss had access to, he also had a chemical sprayer. He used this device to spray the chemical called Solution X-R. This solution was able to douse the flames and immobilize the Human Torch and Toro at their original power levels. However, when the Human Torch's powers where enhanced by a nuclear explosion he was able to generate sufficient heat and energy to burn through the solution.

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