Crimorto was a master criminal who was active in the 1940s. His origins unknown, in the spring of 1945 he gathered an army of criminals in order to organize an all out crime wave in order to draw out and destroy Captain America and Bucky. A nationwide crime spree was launched, drawing out Captain America and Bucky out of hiding. Then when the heroes appeared, he had his men capture an innocent girl and bring her back to his castle.

Following, Captain America and Bucky were tricked into entering a trap and were attacked by a army of Crimorto's men. Fighting them off, the two heroes chased Crimorto to the top of his castle. There the master criminal attempted to throw the girl to her death, but was saved by Cap. Crimorto attempted to hold back his foes by firing lightning bolts. Led around the criminal through a secret passage way, Captain America and Crimorto battled it out one-on-one. Using his shield to deflect Crimorto's blasts, Cap removed the criminal's cape -- the source of his power. Doing so caused Crimorto's castle to begin crumbling. While Captain America, Bucky, and the girl managed to escape, Crimorto was seemingly killed in the collapse.

Although in all appearances Crimorto seemed to perish, Captain America suspected that he and Bucky would one day face Crimorto again. However, the criminal has not been seen since.[1]




The source of Crimorto's abilities stemmed from his cape, which allowed him to do a number of super-human feats. If the cape is technological or mystical in origins is unknown. With it, Crimorto was able to fire bolts of lightning from his hands and could remotely teleport individuals in a haze of mist. The cape also apparently held his castle together, suggesting that perhaps the cape granted Crimorto the ability to construct the castle as well.

Crimorto is similar to the Robe and Parker Robbins.

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