The Crimson Brand of Cyttorak is the nickname given by Misty Beck to a sigil that bestowed its wielder the ability to tap directly into the power of Cyttorak. It was contained in an altar located in a secret ancient temple below Mercury Rising in Las Vegas.

After learning of its existence, Misty tricked Mercury Rising's owner Cassandra Mercury into allowing her to vanish her building for a magic show. Once she temporarily teleported away the building, Misty ventured into the catacombs with her father, the retired villain Quentin Beck. When they reached the altar, she explained her intention to perform a ritual to wield the power of the Crimson Brand, for which she needed to kill him.

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Misty's attempt to kill her father with a dagger was stopped by the arrival of the Scarlet Spider and Dusk, giving Quentin the chance to take the dagger from Misty's hand and stab her instead. This accidentally triggered the ritual, transferring the Crimson Band into Quentin's hand. He returned to his mantle of Mysterio and tried to kill the Scarlet Spider, blaming him for Misty's death. The Scarlet Spider managed to defeat Mysterio after cutting off his hand with a sword from the temple's armory, leaving him powerless and returning the Crimson Brand to the altar.[1]


The Crimson Brand of Cyttorak functions as a direct tap into Cyttorak's power. Anyone who wields it allegedly becomes one of the most powerful beings on Earth. The ceremony to wield the Crimson Brand of Cyttorak requires an individual to spill the blood of the person they love the most. After murdering said person and touching the altar, the Crimson Band is transferred to their hand.[1]


  • According to Misty Beck, this sigil is actually called "some long name in Latin."[1]

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