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After Alex Nevsky was executed by KGB Agents for failing to kill Iron Man; His armor was taken back to the Soviet Union. Eventually, it found its way into Dimitri Bukharin's possession, and he wore it for a time. Years later; Gremlin created the most advanced version of the Dynamo yet. It featured many new additions to the design both inside and out. Gremlin designed this model to be several times stronger and fiercer than Nevsky's model. Originally, it had incorporated stolen Stark technology into the design; But Stark later personally removed it during the first Armor Wars, disabling the armor.[1]

Further modifications were soon made and at least one "black market" version with the Tinkerer's designs had been encountered.[2]


The armor maintained its carborundum matrix alloy construction.

In addition to electric blasts, Gatling gun and missiles, this version's shoulder pads were reinforced for ramming.

A microwave jammer generated interference.

When used by Shatalov, an armor matrix was used to form the armor around him quickly. It also had various attachments, the full extent of which are unknown.

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